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Come Find Your Story

The Brain Lair is an anagram of The Librarian. The idea for the name came after the bookstore owner, Kathy M Burnette, read An Abundance of Katherines by John Green back in 2008. The bookstore itself is the brain child of several educators with initial funding coming from a few crowdfunding campaigns.

The Brain Lair Bookstore is focused on providing children and teens with culturally relevant books. These carefully and thoughtfully selected books will offer readers a glimpse into the world around them to spark imagination and foster empathy.

The Brain Lair will provide a place to hangout and a quality experience for your family. The mix of books, brain games, literature-themed clothing, and handmade items from local artisans promises something for everyone. 

714 E Jefferson Blvd

South Bend, IN 46617


MTTHF 10a-7p | W 10a-2p | Sat 10a-6p | Closed Sundays