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The Brain Lair Bookstore is here to help everyone, especially children and eens, see themselves in a new light. WE want to help you find, and celebrate, your place in the world. And if you can’t find your place? The Brain Lair Bookstore gives you the vision to make it.


When you see someone like you reflected in books and other media, you get a clearer vision of what’s possible, of what you can do, of where you can go. The Brain Lair Bookstore’s job is to sear out books that help create that clearer vision.


Our inclusive focus benefits everyone, especially people who often find themselves on the margins. The people of color. The people with disabilities. The people who identify as LGBTQ+. The very people who make up our world.

The Brain Lair is an anagram of The Librarian. The idea for the name came after the bookstore owner, Kathy M Burnette, read An Abundance of Katherines by John Green back in 2008. The bookstore itself is the brain child of several educators with initial funding coming from a few crowdfunding campaigns.

The Brain Lair Bookstore is focused on providing children and teens with diverse and inclusive books. These curated (carefully and thoughtfully selected) books will offer readers a glimpse into the world around them to spark imagination and foster empathy.

The Brain Lair will provide a place to hangout and a quality experience for your family. 

714 E Jefferson Blvd

South Bend, IN 46617


HOURS: Sundays - 12p-4p | Mondays - Tuesdays CLOSED | Wednesdays - Fridays  10a-6p | Saturday 10a-4p