Order From the Brain Lair Bookstore

3 ways you can buy from me right now - 


Go to http://www.thebrainlairbookstore.com/ these are items I have “in store”. You pay online and I will ship to you within 2 days - depending on when you ordered.

Go to https://www.brainlairbooks.com/landing-page/ these are items I can order from warehouse. I will invoice you, and you pay through the invoice. I will ship to you within 7 days - depending on what you ordered. I place orders once a week.

Go to https://brainlairbooks.mybooksandmore.com these items come directly from the warehouse to you! You pay online and your items usually ship within 24 hours. You can also order gift items like bookmarks, toys, 

In the next month, we will add our main website, that will be connected to our bricks and mortar store. It will include gifts as well as clothing, cards, and other things that will be available in our physical store!

Once the main site is ready, the first 2 methods will disappear. You will still be able to order from us directly. We are just hoping to make it easier!

Happy Reading!

Kathy Burnette