We Will Aid and Abet Abortion

Brain Lair Books is joining with fellow booksellers to protest the Supreme Court ruling overturning the right to an abortion that will not lead to less abortions but to more death from less safe abortions. Brain Lair Books denounces this pretense of "sanctity of life" as shown by our gun laws, mass shootings, lack of affordable healthcare, a widespread dearth of available mental healthcare, food deserts, declining financing of public education, bans on books, the rise of white supremacy in our government, and other atrocities permitted by american law. 

We, the members of the book industry, condemn the actions of local, state, and national governments in banning books, bodies, boycotts, and the other infringements enacted upon an individual's right to make their own life choices.


All proceeds from the sale of these shirts, pins, and books for the month of July will be donated to Whole Woman's Health and All Options. 


*each of these items must be ordered separately due to the nature of print-on-demand, backed up shipping chains, and availability. We are working on centralizing to make this a bit easier.  Books may be ordered together.  *We do not have these shirts in our store. If you'd like to order one for pickup please email us orders at brainlairbooks dot com. If there is enough interest, we will place an order. We don't have the space (yet) to have all the shirts on hand unfortunately. 



SOLD OUT - more coming

Handbook for a Post-Roe America

This book is out in may places so Libro.fm, our audiobook partner, is offering the audio book for $5 (or less with membership) for the month of July. 

Specific and Direct Harm Abortion Reading List

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